How to Avoid Political Compromise?

Answer "Don't give up on a real principle to get a result that you do not want or need and may regret for years."Whether in office politics, personalities, organizations or elective office, how can you ke... Read More »

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Why won't he compromise?

You must prioritize your life. I understand what you are saying but your husband is going through a very difficult time in his life and though you think you understand, you don't. That isn't your f... Read More »

How to Compromise?

Isn't it difficult to get anything done if you want one thing and someone else wants another? This is where compromise comes in. If you want to learn how to successfully compromise, read on.

Who came up with the 3/5 compromise?

The three-fifths compromise was suggested by James Madison on June 30, 1787. The three-fifths compromise, written into the language of the original constitution, stated that for taxation and govern... Read More »

What is conflict&compromise?

Conflict is one of the basic components of human interaction. Arguing, disagreeing and outright fighting are part of forming relationships. One of the most important parts of conflict is knowing ho... Read More »