How to Avoid Playing Violent Video Games?

Answer Have you always wanted to avoid playing games that you think are really mature and violent and not let your kids play it if so then this article will tell you how to make sure that your kids don't ... Read More »

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Negatives of Violent Video Games?

The term "violent video games" refers to titles depicting graphic violence. From the first-person shooter game, "Doom," to racing game "Carmageddon" and the action-adventure series of "Resident Evi... Read More »

How to Shift Through Violent Video Games and Pick the Right One Rated for Whomever?

You don't want to get a mature rated game if you can't take bad words.

Which video card do you recommend me for playing the lastest video games?

I'm going to use Battlefield 3 BETA as your standard. nVidia recommendations seem to be pretty spot on when it comes to the RECOMMENDED specifications for BF3 Beta. They recommend for smooth perfor... Read More »

How to Calm Yourself when Playing Video Games?

Video games are commonly defined as a "way to unwind", the way a limited sample sees it. Nevertheless, they are also defined as "frustration" to others. To both samples, video games are considered ... Read More »