How to Avoid Penalties in Field Hockey?

Answer Field hockey is a fun sport, but has lots of penalties. Don't worry if you get one though, it just means your being aggressive. Here are some tips for minimizing the amount of penalties.

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How to Hit in Field Hockey?

There are a few different typed of hits you need to know for field hockey. Each hit provides different levels of power and accuracy, and depending on your situation, there is always a hit to use.

How to Be a Better Field Hockey Player?

Basic advice on how to play all field hockey positions better.

How to Do a Drive in Field Hockey?

A drive is a very valuable hit to use in field hockey. So by reading and with a little practice, you will be scoring all the time!

How to Play Field Hockey?

Soon you could be a professional...Nothing is more satisfying than whacking a small, hard ball, with a large, hard stick. But field hockey lets you dribble that ball, flick it, roll it, slide it ar... Read More »