How to Avoid Paying York University Parking Tickets?

Answer This is a short guide on how to legitimately avoid paying York University parking tickets. Please bear in mind that this guide is only applicable IFF the student is not the owner of the car.

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How to Appeal Parking Tickets Before Paying?

Appeal your parking ticket if you don't believe it was deserved. Different locations handle parking ticket appeals differently, so follow the rules of the place where your appeal will be considered... Read More »

Can you stop paying car insurance on a car with blown motor and continue to pay off loan to avoid voluntary repossession in New York?

Answer If your loan agreement requires you to carry ins (most do) and you drop it, then you will be in default of the contract. You better make SURE the payments get to the lender PROMPTLY so they ... Read More »

Can I pay parking tickets online?

You can pay parking tickets online. You will need a credit card and your license-plate number or parking-ticket number, and then you will need to find the proper website for the particular location... Read More »

Can you take money from your IRA to pay parking tickets?

It's perfectly legal to take an early individual retirement account (IRA) distribution to pay your parking tickets, though any financial planner would recommend that you leave your savings put. If ... Read More »