How to Avoid Overloading an Electrical Circuit?

Answer Are you tired of running to the basement to reset that breaker that keeps tripping? All it takes is some basic addition and your problem is solved without having to call the electrician.

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How to Determine How Many Recessed Lights Can Be Added Without Overloading the Circuit?

Here's a simple calculation you can make to determine how much power can safely run in a circuit without blowing the breaker.

What Are the Three Parts of an Electrical Circuit?

A simple circuit is a closed path through which electricity flows. It consists of three components: an active component, a passive component and a means of transmission. Electricity can only flow t... Read More »

How to Use an Ohm Meter in an Electrical Circuit?

How well an electric circuit operates depends on the condition of each component and the integrity of the connections between each component. Ohmmeters are one of the many instruments used to analy... Read More »

What is a parallel electrical circuit?

A parallel circuit uses two or more wires to connect one resistor to another. Christmas tree lights are a good example of a parallel circuit. They are connected by two wires. If one resistor is int... Read More »