How to Avoid Offending Someone With a Strong Opinion?

Answer We all do it. It happens to a lot of people in their writing, conversing, general interactions, or in other ways. Offending someone through holding a strong opinion is not only embarrassing; it als... Read More »

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How to Avoid Offending Uninvited Guests?

When you have a party or event, it can be hard to decide whom and whom not to invite; particularly when it is a family party. If someone finds out that they were not invited, it becomes very easy f... Read More »

How would you let someone know they have chronic bad breath without offending them?

Ask them if they want a poo sandwich

What is your honest opinion of this dress on a someone with approximately Halle Berry complexion?

That color on Halle Berry would be amazing. She could wear a burlap sack and make it look good! She is really beautiful! If you have coloring similar to hers, it would be lovely on you!The dress is... Read More »

Ok,so can someone not give there opinion on here without being bullied by someone called riggs?

sometimes it gets a bit heated in this section ,but don't worry too much and enjoy !!!