How to Avoid Monotonous Brand Message in Advertising?

Answer How long can you cook and relish a single vegetable in different flavours? During the initial stage, you will find it interesting to discover various ways of cooking the same vegetable, but no soon... Read More »

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How to Define Your Brand and Personal Message?

A step-by-step process to distill the essence of what you have to say into a clear, concise message.

True or False Always answer honestly and avoid no comment If you dont know say so and bridge to a command message?

Would it be monotonous (boring) to party EVERY day?

I think it would get boring....same stuff over and over again. That whole scene sounds a bit strange...orgies, pizza and doughnuts...

How to Get Monotonous Jobs Done Accurately and Quickly?

Dull, tedious, boring, dreary, monotonous, dull... dull... dull... It's a boring job, but someone's gotta do it. How do you get through the day when work is a drudge - but shine doing it? Read on.