How to Avoid Making Enemies?

Answer In today's climate of uncertainty it is better to have as few enemies as possible. Also a good reputation is essential because people remember the things that you do especially the bad things. You ... Read More »

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How to Avoid Making Enemies in High School?

High school is a vicious place, with all sorts of rumor-spreading and people who are just plain mean. Most people aren't usually jerks, however, and it's very easy to avoid making enemies and stay ... Read More »

How to Avoid Unfriendly Friends or Friendly Enemies?

Friends are a very special and a precious asset to have, especially when they have your best interest at heart. But what to do when those so called friends are not so friendly after all, and become... Read More »

How to Avoid Making Promises You Can't Keep?

It can be pretty difficult when you make a promise then realise ten minutes later that it's impossible to keep- and if you break promises, the results can make people find it hard to trust you agai... Read More »

How to Avoid Making a Mary Sue?

A "Mary Sue" (or "Gary Stu" for males) is a character who is overly perfect. Usually found in fan-fiction, these characters are nearly invincible, multi talented to the extreme, and loved by everyo... Read More »