How to Avoid Losing Your House From Credit Card Defaults?

Answer Credit card debt is unsecured, meaning there is no collateral for the debt other than your signature and promise to pay. However, creditors and debt collectors can file a lawsuit against you if you... Read More »

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How Credit Card Defaults Affect Banks in a Crisis?

While customers benefit from having bank credit cards to give them spending freedom and while banks benefit from the interest charges billed to consumers, both borrower and lender suffer when credi... Read More »

How to Avoid Credit Card Fees?

Using credit cards to purchase goods and services, or accessing cash through a card's cash advance option, inevitably leads to fees. There are only two ways to completely avoid paying credit card f... Read More »

How to Avoid Credit Card Interest?

Credit card interest, also known as the finance charge, is the fee for borrowing money. The interest amount depends upon the annual percentage rate (APR) for your account and the account's outstand... Read More »

How to Recognize and Avoid Credit Card Fraud?

Credit card fraud, identity theft and related crimes have been rising for several years. Javelin Strategy & Research, a financial survey company, states that over 11 million Americans were fraud vi... Read More »