How to Avoid Losing Socks in the Washing Machine?

Answer If you've been walking around with mismatched socks for much of your life, you might want to consider these instructions. Socks can be a valuable asset to your wardrobe! This guide will help you fi... Read More »

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Can a washing machine eat socks?

washing machines eat all socks otherwise they break down. Do not forget to feed your washing machines. I loose at least one pair (not matching of course) every time I wash my clothes. supplement. d... Read More »

Odd socks in my washing machine?

We have a panty gnome in our house and he steals my panties all the time. Maybe you have a sock gnome?

Why do socks vanish in the washing machine?

father christmas nicks them to hang on poor kids chimneys for their presents

Why is it when you put a pair of socks in the washing machine....?

there is actually a 2000 pound red headed monster. ( I am red headed too, please do not think I am picking on any one certain hair color) Who lives in the bottom of the washing machine.. He eats so... Read More »