How to Avoid Laughing at Obese Girls?

Answer This is a bad habit that can easily be broken. You can quit with these steps:

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How to Avoid Laughing at Your Own Jokes?

Ever spoiled a joke by laughing? Can't get through your punchline without rolling on the floor? Then read on buttercup!Laughing, although fun, can not only have the effect of being a socially cripp... Read More »

How to Avoid Laughing During Health Classes Involving Sex?

So, you're in school and then it's health class. Your teacher is strict about laughing out and you have the temptation to laugh when your teacher is talking about sex and/or puberty.

Am I obese or mortally obese?

Your body mass index (BMI) is 21.4 and you have normal weight. (No overweight or obesity). Your height is taken as 6'2.5" for the purpose of calculation of BMI.

How to Avoid Spiteful Girls?

Cruelness is a big problem in girls, especially at school. Are you suffering under the Reign of Cruel Terror? Have no fear, Nice Girls! Here is your battle plan...