How to Avoid Kissing Somebody?

Answer So someone wants to kiss you and you really can't find any upsides to the situation. How will you get out of the situation? Read on...

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Survey: When kissing somebody, do you use "both" the upper and lower lips?

Ah ha ha! I can't believe how long it took me to ge t that!If it's a good kiss my lower lips start to spasm.

How to Avoid Changing Somebody?

Are you worried that you might be changing a friend or partner? Worry not!

Can kissing cause HIV?

HIV is transmitted through the exchange of blood, semen or breast milk. HIV cannot be spread through saliva. If an individual has an open, bleeding sore in his mouth, it is possible for HIV to spre... Read More »

How to Master the Art of Kissing?

Do you not seem to be kissing much anymore? Does kissing seem to have gotten boring? Here's how to be a dream kisser.