How to Avoid Keyloggers and Viruses in RuneScape?

Answer Do you want your account to be safe? Do you want to prevent your account from being hacked? Viruses and keyloggers can steal your Runescape account, which is never a good thing. Here's how to try a... Read More »

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How to avoid viruses in pc?

What Is a Computer Virus?Viruses vary in sophistication but usually spread surreptitiously and are designed to hide themselves. A virus can do significant damage. Some slow the operation of the com... Read More »

How do i avoid viruses in my computer?

Norton antivirus and utilities. Run the "fix -windows- problems" on Norton. You would be amazed how many errors you have and didn't know it.

How to avoid trojan viruses?

Practice safe search. Don't get on a website you don't know, or trust. And if you're not sure. AVG scans the websites on the search results before it even loads. Or Microsoft Security Essentials, o... Read More »

Is deleting Java a good idea to avoid viruses?

It all depends on what YOU do on the computer. Java allows you to play online games, chat with people around the world, calculate your mortgage interest, and view images in 3D. These applications, ... Read More »