How to Avoid Irritating an Ulcer?

Answer A peptic ulcer occurs when the stomach lining or first part of the small intestine begins eroding. If you are diagnosed with a peptic ulcer, your medical provider may prescribe antacids, acid block... Read More »

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How to Avoid Irritating Bumps After Shaving the Bikini Area?

Shaving the bikini line first began in ancient Greece and Egypt where women of the night would perform this action for hygienic reasons and to create a symbol of their profession, according to the ... Read More »

♥ What are some foods/beverages to avoid if one has an ulcer, and any natural remedies to help?

Please read this article, being a Homeopathic Physician I have treated and cured a number of patients according to their individual specific symptoms. Read this first and let me know. http://www.hp... Read More »

Is it really good to drink milk every night to avoid "ulcer" from hurting?

Ulcers are caused by parasites in the intestines or stomach, much like H. Pylori. H. Pylori is a parasite that prevents one from getting better. Can't get over a cold, etc. It's destroyed by medica... Read More »

How to Know if You Are Irritating?

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