How to Avoid Hypoglycemia?

Answer Hypoglycemia occurs when blood sugar dips too low. After eating something that is high in sugar, your blood glucose first skyrockets and then dips down, giving you that infamous "crash" feeling. To... Read More »

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Why am I having a bad day with hypoglycemia?

Are you on medication? Improper dosage can make you have low blood sugar, but it most likely is a reaction to something you consumed. Aspartame and msg are in thousands of products and their effe... Read More »

Could it be hypoglycemia?

reactive hypoglycemia!! the pancakes, cereal and fruit were all pure sugar in digestion! when those wore off you went crashing or feeling like crashing. the scrambled eggs and cheese with a very sm... Read More »

Hypoglycemia and Nightmares?

Yes, my friend, night-time hypoglycemia CAN give you nightmares, and POSSIBLY, night terrors. This is your body's way of trying to rouse you. Sleep paralysis, however, is a different thing. Have... Read More »

Hypoglycemia How bad is 23 on meter?

23?? I'd probably be unconscious at that point. That's pretty low but we all have different levels of tolerance. Some people might experience symptoms of a low when they hit 70. Others might be fin... Read More »