How to Avoid Humiliating Your Children?

Answer Most parents have to learn how to not embarrass their kids, especially when they're dealing with teenagers. But if you find yourself humiliating your children in that you're accidentally inducing s... Read More »

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High end rig humiliating me humiliating me?

Not to sound mean or anything, but this doesn't seem like a "high end rig." The Intel i5 series can be either dual- or quad-core. In addition, 4 GB of RAM really isn't that much. The 7850 (I'm a... Read More »

How to Avoid Embarrassing Your Children?

Understand that you embarrass them when you show their old baby pictures to their friends. They also squirm when you act or dress like a teenager in front of their friends. They might not want to h... Read More »

Is humiliating your child in public one of the worst forms of child abuse?

Not as bad as locking them in a small cage or starving them, I would say, but still child abuse for sure. How can a child growing up in that environment ever hope to have decent self-esteem??

How to Forget About an Humiliating Experience?

Humiliation and Embarrassment. Unfortunately, it happens to everybody at some point in their lives. Some people never want to show their faces again, but it's not really that bad. You just need to ... Read More »