How to Avoid Hosiery Runs?

Answer Do you pull out your pantyhose right before a business meeting, a hot date or other social function only to find out you have a tiny run in it? Here are some tips on how to prevent that teeny run f... Read More »

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How to Identify the Denier of Hosiery?

Hosiery comes in a range of thickness and weight. The term "denier" measures both the weight and thickness of yarn (it is a combination of the terms density and linear).[1] It is useful to understa... Read More »

How to Choose Hosiery for Spider Veins?

Wearing hosiery can make a big difference in how your legs feel. Spider veins often cause swelling and pain, both of which can be helped by wearing the right type of hosiery. If you have never worn... Read More »

Should you wear support hosiery if taking diuretic medicine?

Support hose are commonly used for people who suffer from edema, or swelling, in the legs. Since diuretics are used to treat edema by causing the body to excrete excess water, they do not need to b... Read More »

What Happens If My Car Runs Out of Gas?

When your car runs out of gas, it is often at the worst time and most likely in an inconvenient location. Many drivers are guilty of passing by the gas station when they are in a hurry to get where... Read More »