How to Avoid Having Your Pictures Shown in Facebook Ads?

Answer Logging birthdays, playing Scrabble against your friends, or checking out the classifieds are some of the many things that you can do with Facebook. But what you may not realize is what Facebook ca... Read More »

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In Very Old Pictures Why Was Only One Side of the Face shown o_O?

I question the premise of your question: old pictures don't only show one side of the face, here is an example from 1843.…Silhouettes have been used for va... Read More »

What sort of Flower arrangement is shown in these Pictures,which of them in your opinion is the best?

I got same answerer above on my question.

How to manage what things should be shown on my Facebook wall?

Click one the pencil type button just on the upper right corner of your post or anything. Then click on 'Hide from timeline"Done

This girl keeps posting the same pictures over and over on facebook. is there a way to block the pictures but?