How to Avoid Growing Up to Be Like Your Mom?

Answer Are you worried that you'll be just like your mom when you grow up? Don't.

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How to Avoid Growing Old?

Around the bendMother, mother-in-law, grandmother, daughter, sister, friend, aunt, niece. Just a few of the many roles most of us fill in our life.

If you had something growing off your face that looked like a Cocoa Puff....?

even with the coco puff on his face, Lemmy from motor head still rocks.

What is it if you have what looks like a tooth or a three-pronged something growing out of the roof of your mouth?

Answer Sounds like there could possibly be one of your permanent Molars growing out "ROOT" first. The 3 things you see growing out are Roots.

Do you like growing flowers and houseplants?

Love houseplants The cheaper the better. Go to the garden store and check out the ones that look to be in poor shape some times you can get them 1/2 off.