How to Avoid Gnat Bites?

Answer A gnat is smaller than a mosquito. A gnat is 1/16 of an inch.A mosquito is 1/5 of an inch.

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What is the best treatment for gnat bites?

Savlon Cream or E45 cream.Cools the stings and makes the swelling go down.

How to Reduce the Pain of Gnat Bites?

Gnat bites can be very painful and lead to a lot of itchiness. There is a really simple solution sitting in your pantry.

How can I avoid mosquito bites?

There are some ways to prevent mosquitoes from biting youWear Socks: 80% of all bites are on the ankleWear closed toed shoes for the same reasonAvoid Bannanas during the mosquito season: Bannanas p... Read More »

How to Avoid Mosquito Bites?

Nobody cares for mosquitoes, perhaps because they seem to serve no useful function for humans. For most mosquito species, the female draws food for her developing eggs by inserting her proboscis in... Read More »