How to Avoid Getting Pushed Off Course in "San Francisco Rush"?

Answer Sick of the other cars pushing you off the course when your trying to race? Does it frustrate you to the point where you just wanna quit? Well, here's how to prevent that while playing the game San... Read More »

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Is it illegal for a parent to tell her 7-year-old son to beat your son up after your son pushed her son in an argument when her son took your son's ball and your son pushed him to get it back?

It is not illegal for the mother to tell her child to 'Beat Up' someone. It is considered child neglect and the Child Protective Services can intervene with the parents 'Parenting Skills'.

A little help please i just got pushed off my roof....?

You most likely have a broken rib(s). You could have also bruised your hips. However, you might not have broken anything, but you should definitely go see a doctor.

I was pushed down a flight of steps and....?

All you can really do is ice it and wait. You fell down stairs, it's not an abnormal thing to happen.

How to Fix a Pushed in Tweeter Dome?

A pushed in, or dented, tweeter dome can seriously affect the sound of your speaker. Tweeter domes that are torn or severely creased should be replaced. Paper and other soft domes can be brought ba... Read More »