How to Avoid Getting Embarassed by Your Mother?

Answer Are you fed up with your mom embarrassing you at all occasions? See what to do, to prevent it.

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How to Avoid Commercialization on Mother's Day?

The best opportunity to tell your mom you really love her is on Mother's Day! Most people will buy their mom flowers or chocolate, and a card. But, since you're looking at this article you probably... Read More »

How can I get over being embarassed to go and get std test?

You should have thought that when having sex.

Are you ever embarassed by your breast size?

I'm sometimes embarrassed by mine. DD's and only being 4'll is kinda...incongruous. I was made fun of in high school because of them." J____'s boobs get in the room before she does!" Very annoying.... Read More »

I feel really embarassed because I only have 35 friends on Facebook?

You really don't need a lot of friends on any site, or in life. What you really need is quality friends. Spending all your time add people so that you can watch what random people are doing each ... Read More »