How to Avoid Getting Chicken Pox While Helping an Infected Person?

Answer Chicken pox (Varicella) is an itchy viral skin disease commonly caught by children before the age of 15, with most cases happening between the ages of 5 and 9. A vaccine, first available in the mid... Read More »

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Can babies get chicken pox if in contact with infected person with shingles?

Answer Yes. Shingles are contagious, and if anyone comes in contact with an open lesion or blister, no matter what age they are, if they never had it before they will get infected by it. And yes, ... Read More »

Am I infected with chicken pox?

You might caught it as well since you did have interactions but there is also a possibility that you can't have it for the reason that when the time of the interaction Chicken Pox didn't burst out ... Read More »

Chicken pox...can you get infected twice..thankyou?

yes, and as an adualt they are very very dangerous, you could develop them into shingles, which are not only painful but they are also dangerous. They attack your organs. If you suspect them see a ... Read More »

How to Avoid Infected Models on Roblox?

"Infected" models are just regular looking innocent models. But when you insert them into a game, it turns into "ROFL", "HAX", or the most common "Infected". Here is how to avoid this stupid and di... Read More »