How to Avoid Genetically Modified Foods?

Answer Be careful of what you eat - many foods in the supermarkets today are genetically modified.Whether genetically modified (GM) foods are safe or harmful is still controversial. Most foods we eat may ... Read More »

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Are genetically modified foods good for you?

AnswerYes: Good is relative, but modified means it has better pest and disease resistance. Therefore, there is fewer chemical intervention methods.

What Genetically Modified Foods aren't Vegan?

You can scour the Internet to see if anyone has a complete list, but its doubtful they will. Instead, do this the opposite way and only buy organic. Organic foods cannot be GMO.

Scientific Research Against Genetically Modified Foods?

There is no real science backing your position. You find a lot of fear mongering, but it's usually just stock anti-change, because change might be bad. I suggest looking at the footnotes of the wi... Read More »

Are genetically modified foods in our grocery stores now?

Mostly everything we buy in food is genetically and chemically altered, including all our meat, fish and poultry.We raise much of that which we eat. I know what goes into what I put into my mouth.... Read More »