How to Avoid Fights with Your Girlfriends?

Answer Everyone knows that fighting with your girlfriend is never pleasant. However, when you see a fight coming the wise thing to do is not to get into it, but to solve your problems peacefully and here ... Read More »

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How to Avoid Getting into Fights on Facebook?

Does it seem that every time you log onto Facebook, someone's waiting to pick a fight? Then read on!

In Family Guy during the Chicken Fights what is the music that plays at the end of the fights a reference to?

the music means the fight has been postponed until another day but not ended

How to Stop Dog Fights?

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How to Win Fights at School?

Has anyone ever messed with you at school? Gotten close to a physical confrontation? Ever actually been in a fight at school? Here are the tips you need to walk away the victor in a school fight!