How to Avoid Falling Asleep at a Slumber Party Using Slumber Party Games?

Answer You're prepared for an upcoming slumber party. Your bag is packed, your excitement is peaking, but your energy levels are low and you feel tired and don't know whether you'll last the party. Withou... Read More »

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Slumber Party Games for Boys?

Boys tend to enjoy competitive activities that allow for an energy outlet. Games and activities that are messy provide boys the chance to get dirty and are often a success at slumber parties. Engag... Read More »

Simple Slumber Party Games?

Slumber parties often take care of themselves when it comes to the fun boys or girls have during the night. Kids watch TV, play video games, have pillow fights and just hang out and talk. But it is... Read More »

Fun Slumber Party Games for Girls?

Slumber parties are a great time for girls to get together and enjoy acting silly. When planning your party activities, choose games that incorporate things most girls love, such as makeup, jewelry... Read More »

Slumber Party Games & Activities for Teens?

Slumber parties are a favorite pastime of teenagers, and the suggestion of one is usually greeted by excited shrieks. Whether its in a backyard tent or a basement, teenagers can have a great time p... Read More »