How to Avoid Fainting at Your Wedding?

Answer It happens all the time...a preppy bride, flushed with excitement, walks down the aisle, ready to be married to the person they will spend the rest of her life with. Until...plop. The bride faints ... Read More »

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How to Avoid Becoming a Bridezilla for Your Wedding?

Bridezilla! The word that puts the fear of God into any potential bride-to-be and also her bridesmaids. As with everything in life it is up to you what type of bride you want to be but here's a few... Read More »

First aid of fainting?

1. If possible try break fall (by catching person as they fall). 2. Raise legs high in air, or put on chair. 3. Ensure fresh air is available (e.g. open a window or door). 4. As person 'comes ar... Read More »

Have I been fainting?

You could have low or high blood pressure.You could be hypoglycemic or even diabetic.Go see your doctor!

Why am I fainting?

Most probably you're growing a bit fast and your blood pressure isn't able to hold it high enough. It's nothing to worry at all, when you're throw the puberty and the growing stops you'll be fine.B... Read More »