How to Avoid Emotional Spending?

Answer Buying something you don't really need when you're stressed, bored or needing a boost of self-esteem is classified as emotional spending. Impulse buying, while giving you a temporary emotional boos... Read More »

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How to Avoid Spending Too Much Money on Your Wardrobe?

Still spending too much money on your wardrobe? Here's a few tips for you to think about.

To avoid emotional evaluations you should apply?

Spending my 21st in Vegas!?

As a cabbie in Vegas who specializes in night life. I am best qualified to answer you questions. Q:1. What should we wear? (Clubbing, Bars, Gambling...)A:1) As long as you are a girl anything you ... Read More »

Is my spending considered "splurging"?

If you're buying useful things that can last for some time, then it's not so bad. Make sure bills are paid though ;)Anyways, I do that a lot but I tend to buy less important things. I had 500 dolla... Read More »