How to Avoid Dressing Scene?

Answer For whatever reason, you don't want to dress like a Scene at all. Do you have a style little of the same kind, but don't want to be incorrecty labelled as one? Or perhaps you simply don't like the ... Read More »

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Italian Dressing Ranch Dressing French Dressing Or Russian Dressing Which do u like better on your salad?

I don't use any salad dressing on my salad, but if I had to pick on, it would be Ranch.

How to Avoid Lolita Dressing Mistakes?

Come on! I am sure you have run into old ladies, young women and even teenager whose outfits were more than funny. You could understand that they were trying too hard to create a perfect outfit and... Read More »

How to Avoid Leaving DNA at a Scene?

In the past decade, the use of technology involving DNA sampling and analysis has increased dramatically. Many jobs-- from law enforcement to biotechnology-- require workers to avoid contaminating ... Read More »

What makes Italian dressing a suspension dressing?

Salad dressings are often made of a combination of vinegar and oil, along with other additives. These two do not mix, so a suspension is necessary so that you get both flavors at once. Italian dres... Read More »