How to Avoid Donating to Office Charities?

Answer Everybody at the office has their own pet charity. Some even have several, and they all expect you to help feed their "pets". Fortunately it is very possible to avoid losing your own money to someo... Read More »

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How do charities avoid paying the taxes that other firms must pay?

Well interstingly, they don't get a much different result in many cases!First of all the benefits your speaking about would be available, when available at all to an organization that qualifes and ... Read More »

How to Avoid Office Pitfalls?

Like everything else in life the workplace comes with its own set of complications that is sometimes difficult to deal with. We all handle these difficult situations very differently. The stress mo... Read More »

How to Avoid Office Politics?

Office politics often involves power struggles and conflicts of opinion. Avoiding politicking in the office requires steering clear of gossip and refraining from unconstructive criticism of others.... Read More »

How to Avoid Germs at the Office?

While you may think you are sick and tired of work, it could be true that work really is making you sick. Germs abound in the workplace and lurk on nearly every surface you touch. The interactions ... Read More »