How to Avoid Defensiveness About Politics?

Answer Measure your responses.As a conservative, liberal or moderate -- does too much time and energy get wasted on "defensiveness," which may mean rather extreme strategy or tactics when they may be unne... Read More »

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How to Avoid Hatred in Politics?

Can we just get along?Have you seen or felt anger in politics turning into "hatred?" Here are some suggestions of how to avoid that.

How to Avoid Politics As Usual?

Some politicians create debt, pork, earmarks, entitlements and make being reelected into a lifetime pursuit... What can you do about "Politics As Usual."No, it's not mainly bureaucrats. Bureaucrats... Read More »

How to Avoid Office Politics?

Office politics often involves power struggles and conflicts of opinion. Avoiding politicking in the office requires steering clear of gossip and refraining from unconstructive criticism of others.... Read More »

How to Avoid Back Office Politics?

The "back office" refers to the operations or day to day workings of an office. It is the part of your working world that customers and clients do not get to see or participate in. The back office ... Read More »