How to Avoid Colds?

Answer We all hate that common cold. Do you want to know how to avoid it?

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Keep getting colds at least once a month?

If your doctor has verified that they are colds, it's possible that you are passing the cold back and forth between you and someone else (family member, boy/girl friend, etc), but I'm sure you woul... Read More »

How to Stop Getting Colds?

After three years of trying to figure out how to stop catching colds, I have finally discovered the formula. I used to catch a cold every few months; now I'm going on a year cold-free. Follow these... Read More »

How do you prevent getting colds and coughs?

Eat a good diet, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. If your immune system dips try using Echinacea which is a herbal version of antibiotics, use maxiumum of 3 weeks at a time. Great for boosting... Read More »

Any home remedies for colds and flu?

Just lots of bed rest mate, and some nice soup :-)