How to Avoid Cliques?

Answer Cliques or really close friends? Believe it or not there is a difference. In this article you'll learn how to avoid cliques and not lose friends. You might also gain some new friends.

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How to Deal With Cliques?

Sometimes, things can go wrong in the teen world. Mean people surface with the need to be mean. If you are suffering from this trauma, here is the place to turn.

How to Break out of Your Cliques?

Being in a clique can make you feel safe and surrounded by friends, but you can be pressured into doing things you don't like too. Have you ever wanted to talk to people in another "clique" but you... Read More »

How to Help Your Daughter Deal With Cliques?

Ever see your daughter come home one day and be unhappy and miserable. Ever have your daughter confide to you that a clique harassed her at school. Here are some pointers to help guide your daughte... Read More »

How Cliques Affect People in School?

A group of friends becomes a clique if it is controlled by one or two people in the group. Having this power means they can throw you out or put pressure on you to conform to the "culture" of the c... Read More »