How to Avoid Buying a Rental Property That Is Hard to Manage?

Answer What makes a property easy to manage?

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How to Avoid a Rental Property Scam?

If you are interested in acquiring rental property out of your county, state, or country it is important to learn how to avoid a rental property scam.Individuals that wish to engage in this type of... Read More »

I have a GE gas range in a rental property that I can't find a model # on.?

lift the top and look there under the burners ,electric stoves are in the oven edge and gas are normally under the burner top

Who is responsible to repair a front door on a rental property that was kicked in by the police?

The suspect is responsible. The cops are not responsible, nor should they ever be. If the suspect is convicted, the landlord may be able to get victim’s compensation.

Is it true or false that a condo townhome is much like buying a freehold property except that you can expect to receive specific services for the special fees you pay?

True or false doesn't quite work as an answer to your layered question.First, a condominium, by definition, is a living space one owns, together with other real estate assets owned with other owner... Read More »