How to Avoid Buying a Rental Property That Is Hard to Manage?

Answer What makes a property easy to manage?

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How to Avoid a Rental Property Scam?

If you are interested in acquiring rental property out of your county, state, or country it is important to learn how to avoid a rental property scam.Individuals that wish to engage in this type of... Read More »

Is your property management co allowed to make semi annual inspections of your rental property?

Yes, if it says so on the lease. Normally these inspections are in the form of "preventive maintenance," meaning they're inspecting the plumbing, air conditioning, and for pests. They have the righ... Read More »

What can you do when buying a used Ipod to avoid buying stolen goods?

If you are allowed access to the IPod by the seller, copy down the serial number and take it to your local police agency and ask them to check the serial number for stolen. Many (most?) departments... Read More »

A property management company claims to be in contract to manage our HOA with our developer who says we have NOT formed an HOA yet and the property management wants homeowners to pay working capital?

Read your governing documents to determine the phase that your HOA is in, in the development process. Your governing documents -- typically a Public Offering Statement (POS) -- may specify that at... Read More »