How to Avoid Broker Scams in Forex Trading?

Answer Is your Forex stockbroker trying to scam you into taking more money or doing things you shouldn't have to tell him. Unfortunately, there will always be a minority of unethical brokers try to scam t... Read More »

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How to Avoid Investment Trading System Scams?

Everybody, it seems, has an investment trading system these days. There's so much baloney in the trading system marketplace that it makes you want to follow Mark Twain's advice about how to double ... Read More »

How much is one pip in Forex trading?

A pip's value will vary according to the current trading trend in Forex and the currency exchange rate. The pip is the smallest price change, or move, and is generally equivalent to 1/100 of a perc... Read More »

How to Be Disciplined in Forex Trading?

What do you think the key for forex trading? It is not the perfect strategy, but perfect discipiline. Discipline is a controlled behavior. So in forex trading you must have a controlled behavior wh... Read More »

Does Forex trading really work?

On One Hand: High Leverage and Lots of PotentialForex trading has morphed from an industry that was primarily closed to bank dealers and large businesses, to one that is completely open and accessi... Read More »