How to Avoid Break Outs After Shaving?

Answer If you break out after shaving, you might be shaving too close to your skin. The obvious solution to this problem is to shave enough for the skin to look smoothly even, but not too close to where y... Read More »

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Are break outs a common symptom of being pregnant?

Answer It is not a symptom, but it can happen any time your body chemistry changes at all. So the simple answer is yes, if you are pregnant you might experience break outs because many things can ... Read More »

Has anyone who has used "wet n wild" bronzer have any sudden acne or break outs?

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How to Avoid Ingrown Hairs After Shaving?

There's nothing worse than dealing with ingrown hairs. They cause unsightly blemishes on your skin and can lead to infection in the worst cases. People with curly hair have it especially bad, since... Read More »

How to Avoid Cutting Yourself on the Neck While Shaving?

Shaving your neck requires thoughtful preparation of your skin, and careful application of the razor blade over your whiskers. Whether you want to invest in a reusable safety razor or utilize dispo... Read More »