How to Avoid Blowing Your Stack With Someone Who Pushes Your Buttons?

Answer You know who they are - those people who consistently push your buttons, just because they want to see you lose your cool. They might be friends, coworkers, and are often a member of your family. B... Read More »

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If you caught someone throwing rubbish down your chimney, would you blow your stack?

That happened to me once and I flue into a rage. I was absolutely fuming, I could have knocked him off the face of this hearth!

How to Avoid Blowing Up at Your Workplace Team?

Have you ever been at work and been overcome with an irresistible urge to blow up at your work team and let them have it? This is a common occurrence, especially in today's society, with high stres... Read More »

Can you get adopted if your parents put you in a house with someone you don't want to live with if someone else will take you without your parents permission in the state of Florida?

A placement, in this context, would be the location where the child is placed following intervention. This can either be public care (subject to a care order), foster carers, accommodated by a loca... Read More »

How do you come to terms with your girlfriend being with someone linked to your extended family?

Your cousin's brother is also your cousin. His daughter is your niece. You are her aunt, if you are a woman, or her uncle, if you are a man.