How to Avoid Bike Tire Punctures?

Answer You may be riding along on your bike, when you get an unexpected flat tire. What should you do if you keep yourself from getting bike tire punctures in the first place? Follow this guide to find ou... Read More »

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How to Change a Bike Tire on a Mountain Bike?

Throughout the lifetime of a mountain bike, you will find yourself needing to maintain and possibly repair various parts. If you ride your mountain bike with noticeable frequency, eventually 1 or b... Read More »

Can you put a 1 3/8"bike tire on a 1 1/4"bike rim?

A rim made for 1¼-inch tires can safely hold a 1...-inch bicycle tire with no problems. A rim of that size can hold a tire that ranges from 1 to 1½ inches without risk of sidewall failure or poo... Read More »

How Fix a Flat Bike Tire?

A flat bicycle tire can ruin even the best summer cruise or commute to work. Having the skills and knowledge to change a tire can make a bicycle ride less stressful.

How to Get Sealant Into a Bike Tire?

Bicycle tires are comprised of an outer tread and an inner tube that fills with air to inflate the tire. Punctures from metal, glass and sharp rocks can cause small holes in the inner tube and that... Read More »