How to Avoid Being Vomited On?

Answer If someone around you is feeling nauseous, you may be concerned about being vomited on, especially if you don't want to become sick yourself.

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It can be an issue with your gastrointestinal tract. Also, it can be caused by abdominal injuries as well. You should seek immediate medical attention. Do you have blood in your stools as well? Is ... Read More »

How to Care for a Dog After It Has Just Vomited?

Yuck! Your beloved pooch has just hacked up. Read this page to make him feel a little better. A nice, soft place to rest will make your dog feel much better!

I have a splitting headache, the chills, and I just vomited. What's wrong with me?

if its that bad see a doctor, also let somebody you trust (family and friends) know you are really sick so they can keep tabs on you.

The first time she went down on me she gagged and vomited, now she won't do it anymore, ideas/solutions?

You're supposed to save the head pushing for the second time. Let her tie your hands to the bed first.And take a shower.