How to Avoid Being Conned?

Answer Don't be fooled!Being conned or hoaxed is a great way to lose lots of money. Here are some tips and hints about how you can avoid being conned.

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HD DVD Do you feel conned?

Well...If HD-DVD had not come out, BlueRay players would be $900 each and movies would be $70/disk.So the competition was good for the consumers.I have both players and some movies in the 2 formats... Read More »

Buyebarrel cannot log in for more than 12 hours, have i really been conned!!!?

Please do not worry. My upline is saying that the server is goin thru an upgrading and he has given me another website to log in and view. There is a public annoucemen that says:"Due to unforeseen... Read More »

Digital switchover, don't be conned into having a new aerial fitted. Do you know the difference ?

I agree. Everyone should listen to this guy.

If I avoid going ONLINE on April 1st, will I avoid the confliker worm Is it safe to go online on April 2nd?

Staying off the internet is just plain silly. If Conficker is already on your computer, it can wait until April 2 to activate.And Conficker is already out there, already on millions of computers. I... Read More »