How to Avoid Being Compared to Michael Cera?

Answer The man (hardly) with a name synonymous with social awkwardness.Are you one of a many poor, unfortunate soul who is often confused with Micahel Cera? Do you find these comparisons detrimental to yo... Read More »

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Can Chris Brown be compared to Michael Jackson?

Your right Chris Brown trys SOOOO HARD to be Michael but it's neva gonna happen yea Michael's dance was a God givin talent and Chris takes lesons but Michael is the KING OF POP Chris Brown is just ... Read More »

How to Avoid Being Annoyed when You're Being Made Fun Of?

Being is made fun of is annoying and hard to ignore. Fortunately, there is a way to do just that.

Is being emo expensive and how to avoid being called a poser?

Ok. if you want to ovoid being called a poser, then you have to SLOWLY become emo. if you become emo over one summer, people WILL call you a poser. You also have to have the aditude. So you need t... Read More »

Am I the only Michael Jackson fan who noticed Oprah was being fake?

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I knew I was not the only one! Oprah tried really hard to not let her real feelings show, but she failed. It is quite evident to me that Oprah... Read More »