How to Avoid Being Banned from a Windows or Linux Irc Chat Channel?

Answer Windows and Linux IRC chat channels are a lot stricter than the forums. And people are more likely to get banned from the IRC channels than on the forums. Even for the slightest breach of the rules... Read More »

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How to Avoid Being Banned from a Windows or Linux Forum?

Windows and Linux forums often have harsher rules that are strictly enforced.And users are more likely to be banned from these forums than other forums. However, by following these steps, you can a... Read More »

How to Avoid Getting Kicked or Banned From the wikiHow IRC Channel?

While the #wikiHow channel is used for chatting about wikiHow topics, questions, and assistance, conversations usually go off topic. In any environment, positive behavior and actions are expected. ... Read More »

How to Cope if You Get Banned from a Windows or Linux Forum?

You have been a member of that Windows or Linux computer software forum for several months or maybe a few years now. Or maybe not for very long. And all of a sudden you find that when you try to lo... Read More »

Banned from mlp wiki chat, please read and help!?

Yes, the age limits cause more probs than they avoid.Create a nuther acct, unless they banned your IP which seems extreme.WP is a paradox: the final product is priceless, but the internal admin is... Read More »