How to Avoid Being Annoyed when You're Being Made Fun Of?

Answer Being is made fun of is annoying and hard to ignore. Fortunately, there is a way to do just that.

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How to Avoid Being Annoyed on a School Bus?

A school bus.If you are having a bad day, and the last thing you want is some kid sitting with you on the bus rambling about his pet frog's health problems, here's some ways to avoid that situation.

How to Avoid Being Made Fun of As an Emo?

Want to dress in the emo style but want to forget about being made fun of? Try these simple steps out.

How to Avoid Getting Made Fun of in High School?

So those dreaded (or fully anticipated) four years of high school have finally come, but if you are worried about getting made fun of, teased, or being the class/school target, follow these tips on... Read More »

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