How to Avoid Angering Others With Your wikiHow Discussion Page Comments?

Answer Discussion pages provide a forum to discuss improvements and other aspects related to an article. Here are a few suggestions to help remain calm and reasonable in response to adverse comments:

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How to Add a "To Do" List to a wikiHow Discussion Page?

A To-Do list can be used on the Discussion page of an article to organize tasks needed to improve the article. Here's how to add a list to a page:

How to Archive Talk or Discussion Page Messages on wikiHow?

At times, Talk and Discussion pages may become quite lengthy. This can be bothersome as it may take a while to browse through messages or download a page. Here's how to archive content:

On wikispaces discussion boards how do you make it so there is one long discussion page as supposed to a few for one page?

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How to React When Others Think Your Page Is a Vanity Page?

If you have created an article that others think is a vanity page, and it is nominated for deletion, there are things you can do to repair the article.