How to Avoid Accidents While Driving?

Answer This is one of the easiest tasks to accomplish. It requires self discipline!

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Hit and Run Accidents/ Drinking and Driving?

I think it's to avoid getting arrested. Seriously though, don't even get me started on drunk drivers. A drunk driver cause me to lose a babby and my mom needed surgery on her spine. I get the shi... Read More »

Leading Causes of Driving Accidents?

Motor vehicle accidents can cause death, permanent disability and a serious hit to your savings due to medical bills. According to the Car Accident Attorneys website, car crashes are the primary ca... Read More »

How do you avoid getting in car accidents?

First, driving safer is not harder. Correct driving will be easier, faster and safer, all in one package.let's start with the basics:- Seating: If you take slight care of your seating position in t... Read More »

How to Avoid Car Accidents?

Car accidents happen all the time. Someone's car is totalled once every 5 seconds. Avoiding accidents can save you a lot of time and money. This means learning defensive driving. But what exactly i... Read More »