How to Avoid ATM Fees?

Answer ATM fees don't seem fair, considering the ATM's purpose was to save money by not needing tellers. Tellers were 'no fee', so why charge for something that's cheaper than a teller? Remember, we can b... Read More »

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How do i avoid probate fees?

Bank AccountsTo avoid probate fees, individuals must be prepared before death occurs. First, go to your bank and fill-out a payable-on-death (P.O.D.) form to identify the specific person that shoul... Read More »

Refinance Fees to Avoid?

A home refinance is a change from one mortgage to another by a homeowner. It is commonly used to reduce interest costs and monthly payments and to extend the repayment period on a mortgage. Common ... Read More »

How to Avoid International ATM Fees?

When traveling it is always smart to use your debit card at local ATMs instead of carrying a lump sum of cash. This allows you to withdraw only what you need and lowers the risk of losing all of yo... Read More »

How do I avoid cash-advance fees?

A cash advance is a short-term loan offered to the general public. There is never a credit check or collateral needed for people to get these types of loans. However, the interest rates, or fees, o... Read More »