How to Average Grade Points?

Answer Your grade point average serves as a key to your academic future. In high school, it helps to determine whether you belong in regular classes or if honors or remedial classes make more sense for yo... Read More »

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How to Find Your Total Average by Using Your Current Grade With Your Final Exam Grade?

Typically, your final exam makes up a fixed percentage of your total grade. If you know your final exam grade and the percent of your total grade that it is, you can calculate your total average gr... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between a Grade Point Average & a Cumulative Grade Point Average?

Academic institutions, including middle school, high school and universities, measure a student's achievement in a class by assigning grades to course work throughout the semester. At the end of th... Read More »

How to Figure Grade Point Average for Sixth Grade?

Grade point average, or GPA, is an important number calculated by high schools and colleges to easily quantify a student's academic success. Most middle schools, however, do not calculate GPA. If t... Read More »

How to Grade Using Total Points?

Academic grades are highly important as they reflect a student's performance in a class or group of classes. There are multiple useful grading systems, and one of the most commonly used systems is ... Read More »