How to Automatically Fill Your Decorative Garden Fountain?

Answer A decorative fountainDo you have a small, decorative garden fountain that loses water slowly to evaporation and leakage. Without attention, it goes dry, and soon the pump pumps nothing but air. Thi... Read More »

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How to Fill Fountain Pens?

There are different types of fountain pens and the type of fountain pen determines the method of refilling it.

How do I fill a fountain pen with an ink cartridge?

Take the Pen ApartTake the pen apart by turning the barrel counter-clockwise from the tip, or nib. Set the barrel aside. Pull the old ink cartridge, or ink converter if you have been using an ink... Read More »

How to Fill a Mont Blanc Fountain Pen?

Most fountain pens are difficult to refill, but Mont Blanc makes pens that are both beautiful and easy to fill with ink. These high-end fountain pens offer a piston converter filling device that ma... Read More »

How do you get rid of decorative ivy in your garden?

Every time it pokes it's little head up paint it with RoundUp. Don't spray the RoundUp or you will take a chance on killing other plants. Just take a little paint brush and really paint the sprou... Read More »