How to Auto Window Tint Curved Windows?

Answer Vehicles are designed to contain several windows which allow light to pass throughout the entire interior of the vehicle. This can be an annoyance to passengers and drivers with sensitive sight. Th... Read More »

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How to Install Auto Window Tint?

Some people enjoy tinted windows for the privacy they provide, while others tint their windows to help keep the bright rays of the sun from their eyes while driving. Though many newer cars come wit... Read More »

How to Apply Auto Window Tint?

Applying window tint inside a car reduces excessive sunlight and heat during hot summer months. Some people also apply window tint to add privacy while driving. Window tint also adds more character... Read More »

How to Repair Auto Window Tint Film?

Window tinting film has become very popular, especially in warmer climates, as an effective way to keep the interior of a car cooler. It is less expensive than buying pre-tinted windows. However... Read More »

Is auto window tint legal in Arizona?

The laws that cover automobiles in Arizona are covered under Title 28 of Arizona's Revised Statutes Chapter 3. According to the statute is it illegal in Arizona to apply any transparent material to... Read More »