How to Audition for a Pageant?

Answer Pageants offer girls (and, rarely, boys) the opportunity to showcase their attractiveness, talent and intelligence in judged competitions. Pageants award winners with cash prizes, college scholarsh... Read More »

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What audition song is played for the freestyle dance audition part for SM Global Audition 2013?

The back of the application has a sign a Confidentiality Agreement, or else we're an automatic fail, so we're not allowed to tell.

How to Organize a Pageant Like the Miss Amazing Pageant?

Sometimes pageants don't have good themes. So, why not make one yourself? It can be easy enough, as long as you're organized and have free time. Just remember you can't enter your own kids, since t... Read More »

Is it still fine for me to audition for 2012 SME Youth Star Audition if I have braces?

I think that dude with the retainers and the lisp from EXO had braces when he auditioned... I think you're good. Depends if you're Asian or not though. They probably won't care about your braces as... Read More »

How to Do Pageant Eye Makeup?

Preparing for a pageant involves making many choices about wardrobe, hair, makeup, jewelry and how best to showcase your personality and talent. Pageant coaches and makeup artists can show you how ... Read More »